Interest in foods and nutrition. Foods and their effect on health.

Have looked at the effects of food, starting with coffee and cocoa,
since 1985. And have used food to treat diseases and injuries,
since 1998: without the use of Rx drugs. The best medicine is food.

These are my favorite Kitchen Kures: Coffee cocoa and tea. Honey Oats and
Ice-cream (seaweed gelatin). Canola and Olive oil, and almond oil.
And spices: Garlic Ginger Cinnamon Cloves. Mustard Red pepper Turmeric.
Oregano Basil and Peppermint

I studied Foods and Nutrition at university. But most of these things,
I learned at home in my own kitchen. Anyone can try it, and see how it works.

PLEASE NOTE: It is always best to first consult a medical doctor, or naturopath.